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(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #10, Spring 1999)

The "Holey" Trinity's Guide for Great Sex was developed by a group of three made up of Armando, Hubberd, and of course myself. We three crossed paths. Not one of us thought our bond (not bondage) would have developed so strong nor so fast. But nonetheless, we are now known as The "Holey" Trinity. All three of us have VERY active sex lives, over much food and even more memories and imagination, we developed this small list. Every single item on this list has been experienced by at least one of us - but never together. The "Holey" Trinity is anxious to experience the new ideas that the other two members contributed to The List. The List took a period of approximately 43200 minutes of sharing past experiences of passionate and sometimes emotional sex. The "Holey" Trinity hopes The List will aid you in taking the first steps of many in exploring the wonderful world of love and sex.

  1. One night stands are great (with condoms of course)...imagine the passion and excitement...go for the kill in the hunt
  2. Sex without attachments are even better...but getting 'attached' to the bedpost is another story...
  3. Sex with friends fuck things up...but friendly sex or sex friends are grand to cum to
  4. My days of training are over...NOT!!! Training is usually to your fuck-mate
  5. Oral sex is great...minimal training required
  6. When giving a woman oral sex...try spelling out the alphabet...professionals can go for alphabets in different languages...try Turkish
  7. Here's a trick to get rid of goose bumps...especially on the legs...there's nothing better than hot breath and a warm wet tongue on the inner thighs to make those ugly goose bumps go away... works for both men and women
  8. Trying to give yourself oral sexis like a dog chasing his own fucking tail...but I'd never leave my house!!!
  9. Masturbation cums and it sure to exercise your left as well as your right
  10. IF masturbation becomes a bore - sit on your right hand until it falls asleep and pretend it's someone else's
  11. IF both hands are blistered and sore, drink much alcohol and don't piss until you can't stand it any longer...when you finally go, it'll feel like a great lay
  12. People, who are not comfortable with their bodies, are a bad can you tell??? Well, if they say, "Do I look fat in the dress?" is a dead fucking give away
  13. If having sex with your partner becomes a chore...find another partner...what more can I say?
  14. Sex with the lights off is a bore...candle lights, incense and great music (The Cure does it for me) is a huge turn on
  15. Reading to your partner is like foreplay...have your bookmark handy
  16. This is for all you musicians out there...strum your guitar naked and sing your lover a ballad have permission to skip the foreplay
  17. Full body massages always leads to sex...go for the front as well as the back...don't forget ALL of the lower extremities
  18. Foot massages and toe licking...yummy...hell, just go for the licking
  19. Mutual shaving ranks up there with mutual masturbation
  20. When going out for the zipper when dry fucking
  21. For all you she-ras (or she-men) your 'friend' make the adjustment...before the dry fuck
  22. Sex and food always go is one of many code words for fucking...
  23. A banana split with the two huge nutz is just the appetizer...not the main course
  24. A chocolate sundae is like having two scoops of Other...just as long as you get to the cherry... licking, sucking, nibbling, and biting the cherry is permissible
  25. Nibbling is okay...biting is fun (but don't draw blood)...eating is even better...and I'm not talking about food
  26. If you don't like being bitten (shame on you)...but try hot candle wax...especially on those 'sensitive' areas
  27. Light bondage is a huge it...imagine the anticipation just prior to imagine that for an hour...oh fuck
  28. When the biting (or other ruff stuff) gets too much, don't bite's a bigger turn on
  29. The best foreplay is the "almost kiss"...when your partner leans forward to kiss you...let them get close enough to almost kiss you...then pull back a that for about an hour, and you have one horny mother fucker on your hands
  30. Never stop fucking, especially JUST before your partner cums...someone will leave pretty fuckin' psst
  31. NEVER...I mean NEVER ask your partner, "What are you thinking about right now???"...if your partner asks the dumb fucking question, just respond with, "I'm done!"
  32. Take a look at the penis...doesn't it look like an upside down gives new meaning to "I love you from the bottom of my heart."
  33. Getting your asshole kissed (and it's not a pun!!!), adds many new dimensions to a great fuck
  34. Toys in bed...a done deal...and I'm not talking about PlayStation or Matel...but Mr Slinky can slink my way Baby
  35. Watching someone on the shitter is NOT a turn just stinks up the place
  36. Playing in the rain is sexy, especially without ranks up there with playing Marco Polo naked with your best buddies
  37. Once a night is NEVER enuff...go for the quiver...apprentices can work their way up to God
  38. Always fuck your brains out during the full's huntin' season
  39. Public places are good's the thrill and the adrenaline'll be quick, but it's one helluva foreplay action
  40. Hot tub...enuff said...damn, I forgot about the diving board...
  41. Shower after sex is good...showering with a friend is even better...make sure you get the soap suds everywhere
  42. Must christen every room, including the attic, the garage, hallways, and of course the stairs
  43. Two minute quickies are as sensuous as getting a hard-on with a quick wisp of the blowing sure to wear BOXERS...give yourself plenty of room
  44. Phone sex can be both good and bad...good because you and your friend can get off on it...bad because you and your friend may have too high of an expectation
  45. Phone sex after fucking is better than masturbating sure beats cuddling
  46. Videotaping your sexual encounters are exciting...just don't critique your partner's performance (i.e., penis size)...but the electric fire does make things look bigger
  47. Don't be like that Seinfield episode and try to sum up sex in THE takes many, many, many moves...oh yeah cheat sheets are a turn-off
  48. Variety is crucial...innovation is paramount
  49. ALWAYS share your sexual fantasies with your never know...your partner may be more into it then you are
  50. Try everything once...then try it again, to make sure you did it right the first time